Xiamen Ainuo’s Parents Training

Summary of Xiamen Ainuo’s Parents Training Newsletter

Activity #1 Game day for disabled children & policy introduction for parents

On October 17th, Ainuo invited local disabled children and their parents out for a Game Day with volunteers and Ainuo employees. After the games, Deng Qinggao of Ainuo conducted a workshop for parents on the subject of education for disabled children. During the workshop, Deng Qinggao introduced the principals of the CRPD as well as local and national educational policies that concern parents with disabled children. At the end of the workshop, the parents were given a small handbook on how to advocate for their children’s rights in education. A Wechat group was also set up for future online discussions.

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Activity #2 Collaboration with Xiao Woniu on education advocacy

On October 18th, Deng Qinggao of Ainuo took part in an outing activity run by Xiao Woniu (Little Snail), a local parents’ group of children with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities. While enjoying the mild autumn weather, Deng Qinggao handed parents the handbook on how to advocate for disabled children’s right in education, and explained in details about the rights of disabled children and encouraged parents to join in the effort in advocacy. Many parents took notes of the content explained by Deng Qinggao, and asked for his number for future reference.

Activity #3 Rights awareness workshop for disabled children and their parents

On October 18th, Ainuo organized a rights awareness workshop at Jimei Church for local disabled children and their parents. Ainuo’s social worker Wen Yinghua gave a lecture entitled “supporting disabled people for greater social advancement”.  She introduced the basic rights disabled people are entitled to, especially children’s rights to education. The participants are also given the handbook and learned about the ways to protect themselves when their rights are violated. The day of activity ended with games and a stroll in Jiageng Park.