Thinking Equal in China: Jin’s Path in Disability Rights

Thinking Equal in China: Jin’s Path in Disability Rights

On International Women’s Day 2019, we are sharing stories of women doing inspiring work across East Asia and Pacific. Whether in the business world, advocacy, media or countless other sectors, their contributions highlight the transformative power of women in the region. Jin Ling is a journalist and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities through the Disability-Affected Women Support Group in China.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m an international cooperation editor at China Development Gateway, an online source of development information and tools in China. I’m also a mother to a 4-year-old boy. I was born with a genetic eye disease and lost almost all of my eyesight during my first year of university.

What inspires you to get up in the morning? What drives you?

I find lots of stuff interesting to learn and to explore. I subscribe to several WeChat public accounts and podcasts. Some teach English, some talk about different cultures, some share experiences and stories of being a mother or a person with disability. They answer my deeper questions; help me understand the world and myself more. They make clearer to me the kind of person I want to be and make me strive towards it.

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