Youku Releases ‘Color Enhancement Mode’ for Color-Blind Users

Youku Releases ‘Color Enhancement Mode’ for Color-Blind Users Christine Chou | February 25, 2019

To improve the viewing experience for each set of eyes, Alibaba Group’s online streaming platform, Youku, released a new color-enhancement feature for color-blind users.

Color-blind users can now switch on the color-enhancement mode for any video on the Youku app, from movies to live sports, to see a broader range of colors, with more vibrancy and detail. Available for both Android and iOS devices, the new feature offers three options in the pilot stage, each designed with red-deficient, green-deficient or blue-yellow-deficient users in mind.

The experience is similar to applying color filters to a photo, and it makes transitions without disrupting the video. But it’s more than just a filter: Youku uses an image-correction algorithm to process the images and identify the indistinguishable shades, then recalibrates them into shades that the user will be able to see — all in real-time.

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