Labor of love for guide dog trainer in Dalian


29th January 2019

Labor of love for guide dog trainer in Dalian

Wang Xin, who graduated with a doctorate in psychology from a university in Japan, works at a guide dog training base in Dalian, Northeast China’s Liaoning province.

As one of the principals for the base, Wang has worked 16 hours a day for nine years with monthly salary of only 3,500 yuan ($519).

Wang made the decision to be a drillmaster because of her mother’s experience.

When Wang was 2 years old, she started to guide her visually impaired mother to walk. However, when Wang obtained a doctorate and returned to her hometown nine years ago, her mother could pick up her at the bus station with the help of a guide dog. Her mother was very excited at that time, Wang said.

The training work is very hard. Wang usually walks over 30,000 steps every day, and her work clothes have at least six tears and four patches on them. Because of her frequent exposure to the sun, her skin has also developed a serious allergy to ultraviolet rays.

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