There’s No Challenge too Big for Deasy

Smile Train UK

21st February 2018

There’s No Challenge too Big for Deasy

In 2011, Deasy Larasati started as a programme associate for the Central Java Region of Indonesia at Smile Train. Smile Train’s staff in Indonesia is faced with unique challenges finding children living with untreated clefts, as there are 260+ million people spread out across the more than 13,000 islands.

Deasy remembers her first years: “I found myself getting more entrenched with Smile Train’s work with every child we reached — it is so gratifying to make a family’s greatest wish come true.” 

Despite the challenging logistics, necessity is the mother of invention — Deasy and the rest of our Smile Train Indonesia team used ingenuity and hard work to reach thousands of isolated patients.

By 2015, Deasy’s drive to create new smiles resulted in her promotion to Indonesia’s country manager. One of the first things Deasy wanted to address in her new role was cleft stigma, as she found that parental guilt was a major hindrance to patient families seeking help.

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