Not enough disabled staff at NCST and EVA: agency

Taiwan Times

23rd February 2018

Not enough disabled staff at NCST and EVA: agency

The National Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology (NCST) and EVA Airways topped a list of employers who failed to meet the statutory requirements for hiring people with disabilities that was released yesterday.

As of November last year, 7,142 enterprises in Taiwan were obligated to employ 57,455 people with disabilities based on the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act (身心障礙者權益保障法).

They employed 84,172 people with disabilities, or 46.5 percent more than the required quota.

The Workforce Development Agency said 1,577 organizations — 42 public employers and 1,535 private enterprises — did not hire the number of disabled employees required of them, falling short by 2,239 individuals in total.

As NCST is in the public sector, it was required to hire 252 people with disabilities, but it only employed 231, the agency said, adding that its shortfall of 21 was the biggest of any public institution.

However, the gap might have been partially filled when newly hired employees with disabilities started their jobs at NCST last month, the agency said.

The airline’s shortfall of 17 people was the biggest in the private sector, as it was legally required to hire 94 disabled workers, but only had 77, the agency added.


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