Blind Woman Takes Tianjin Teaching Exam to Task

Sixth Tone

30th January 2018

Blind Woman Takes Tianjin Teaching Exam to Task

Candidate’s case highlights need for national physical exam standards — or no health check at all.

A blind woman in the northern municipality of Tianjin has registered for the provincial-level teachers’ exam — but even if she passes, whether she’ll be eligible for the qualification remains up in the air.

By Wang Yiwei

Wang Ying has been completely blind since a genetic disorder took her sight from her at age 10. Her disability did not stop her from taking the college entrance exam for adults, or from graduating from the Open University of China — an institution known for its distance learning programs — last year. On 19th January, Wang registered for Tianjin’s teaching qualification exam, having resisted local education officials’ attempts to dissuade her, online media outlet “Red Star News” reported Monday.

“I’ve been preparing for this test since November,” Wang told “Sixth Tone” on Tuesday. She explained how she electronically scans her textbooks, one page at a time, so she can listen to the text being played back to her from a computer.

Wang’s first attempt to register for the exam was denied because her photo did not “meet the correct standard.” When she went to the bureau to complain, she was told not to bother with the test since she’d never pass the ensuing health inspection — an indispensable step in the qualification process.

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