Advocate speaks out for sexually harassed deaf and dumb women in China

Global Times

1st February 2018

Advocate speaks out for sexually harassed deaf and dumb women in China

By Xie Wenting

“I’ve set up an electric shock device outside my vagina. If anyone touches it, he’ll be electrocuted.”

This line is from Vagina Monologues, a popular play that encourages women to speak out about their sexual desires. Cui Jing, 28, recites the line in a performance with a difference – it is all done in sign language.

Cui, a hearing impaired woman, told the “Global Times”, “Sign language is a real language, which can be used to express everything, including the Vagina Monologues.”

The clip of her performance, in which she was joined by several other hearing impaired women, was released last month and soon attracted large online audiences who were overwhelmed by the boldness and distinctiveness of the show. “Many deaf people also contacted me and told me that they wanted to see live versions,” she said, adding that deaf women’s sexual rights was a subject that few people paid attention to.

Cui’s awareness of women’s sexual rights began in 2014 when she was first exposed to the concepts of women’s rights and gender equality, and found that they were naturally linked to the rights of deaf people. “It’s an additional weakness. Women are seen as weak and deaf people are also defined as weak,” she said.

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