Across China. Volunteers “read” movies for the blind


25th October 2017

Across China. Volunteers “read” movies for the blind

At 0:51, he stopped his bicycle and took off his black leather gloves. At 1:06, a thin man in a black coat, who looks like a thief, took off his helmet. At 2:53, early next morning, Mr. Six was walking his birds.

This all describes special footage, of Chinese movie “Mr. Six,” designed for blind people.

The footage was created by volunteers from a university in Harbin, capital of northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province.

With the volunteers reading the footage with audio description, visually-impaired people can enjoy the movie at the cinema despite not being able to see the screen.

Liu Yiwei is among the 75 volunteers from Heilongjiang University.

The journalism and communication major says they have to watch at least ten times before writing the footage.

“We describe in words the scenes, moves, facial expressions and other details of movie characters that are not included in actors’ lines to give the blind audience the visual information,” Liu said.

She says they usually need one month to finish a movie.

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