SW China Provides Social Services to Benefit Rural Women

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SW China Provides Social Services to Benefit Rural Women

September 4, 2017  By China Women’s News  Editor: Penny Huang

Chongqing Female Talents Research Institute (CFTRI) held a symposium in Yunyang County, southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality, on August 23 to summarize their program on caring for local women’s mental and physical health.

As one of the 21 social organization projects supported by the central financial institution, one of its schemes focused on so-called “left-behind” women, whose husbands have left home to find better employment in cities.

Zou Xiaoping, chairperson of CFTRI, said to satisfy women’s needs, the organization visited 10 local villages, thoroughly investigating the basic conditions, social services in the villages and women’s problems and demands.

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