Visually impaired say shared bikes obstruct sidewalks

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14th July 2017

Visually impaired say shared bikes obstruct sidewalks

A visually impaired man has slammed Chinese bike-sharing companies and their customers because illegally parked bicycles often block the tactile sidewalk pathways blind people use to navigate cities.

In a personal essay, the author, who identifies himself as Ah Caijun, said he decided to speak up after recently tripping on a poorly parked shared bicycle outside a subway station and bloodying his leg. “The parked bicycles occupy the blind pathways, making it very difficult for the visually impaired to walk,” he wrote.

Bike-sharing companies, led by industry leaders Mobike and Ofo, have changed the way many Chinese urbanites commute. Last month, Mobike was a finalist for the China Social Enterprise Award for its innovative business model and approach to solving social problems.


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