Chinese man with cerebral palsy achieves Harvard dream


16th May 2017

Chinese man with cerebral palsy achieves Harvard dream

Editor: Li Yan

A 29-year-old from the city of Wuhan in central China has shown that fierce dedication is indeed the path to the Ivy League. Ding Zheng, who was born with cerebral palsy, worked hard and studied at top Chinese university Peking University, and is now studying at Harvard Law School.

According to a report from Xinhua news agency, Ding’s success can also be attributed to unwavering support given by his mom Zou Hongyan. She raised him in a single-parent household, as his father left after his birth.

Cerebral palsy causes a lack of coordination and difficulty with movement, but does not usually affect one’s mental capacity. Ding’s development pace was much slower than his peers as he suffered motor neuron damage in the cerebellum. He learned to stand at the age of two, walk at three, and jump at six. Ding’s mother made sure he never gave up, instilling the sense to always persevere.

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