Restaurant List in Braille Code!

The Weekly Observer

7th May 2017

Restaurant List in Braille Code!
by Anastasios Manaras

A restaurant in the German city of Ingolstadt made a blind list in Braille Code, exemplifying and supporting the visually impaired. Sebastian Smattel, the owner of the restaurant in Igolstadt, decided to create this list at the request of Isolde Eichinger, a visually impaired customer, who could not afford to read the contents of the catalogs in restaurants, something that he did not usually have and the time required.

So he thought of making a catalog in the Braille Code with the help of a friend. But the idea was not accepted by the Association of Blind Bavarians because the printing of the list would be very expensive. So the two women approached the restaurant owner. “Since guests from the Blind Union feel literally here at home, we said we would do it happily,” says owner Sebastian Smilelles.


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