Disabled man builds bridge for his village

China Disabled Persons’ Federation

12th April 2017

Disabled man builds bridge for his village

It took Wan 16 year to build the bridge, which cost him over 10,000 dollars. In order to build it, Wan worked as a security guard for all that time, and also borrowed some money from his friends and family.

“The bridge saves us more than 20 kilometers of walking,” said a villager. Two villages are separated by a river, and people used to have to walk 20 more kilometers before the bridge was built.

Wan lost one of his arms when doing farm work, but he still decided to build a bridge for local residents. He built his first bridge in 1987, but it was ruined by a flood in 2000, and Wan had to plan for a new one.

Wan’s wife understood him and gave him her full support. Eventually, after 16 years, they managed to overcome the difficulties and brought the new bridge to completion.



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