South Korea to issue Braille passports for blind people

Yon Hap News Agency

10th April 2017

South Korea to issue Braille passports for blind people

South Korea will begin issuing Braille passports this month to improve convenience for blind people seeking to travel overseas, the foreign ministry said Monday.

The Braille passports will be available from April 20th at 240 passport-issuing offices at home and 175 overseas missions, according to the ministry.

They will provide information on the owner’s name, passport number, the day of issuance and expiration in Braille on a sticker attached to the back of the front page.

This marks the first time in the world that such passports are available, the ministry said.

“We expect that they will improve convenience significantly for visually impaired people who have faced discomfort in booking flights and accommodations due to the difficulty in getting their passport information confirmed,” the ministry said.


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