China — Love and Albinism

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China — Love and Albinism

Hunted in East Africa for their body parts and portrayed as scoundrels by Hollywood, people with albinism are often deeply misunderstood around the world. A rare genetic disorder, albinism is the absence of pigment in the skin, hair and iris of the eyes. And with it comes a host of physical hurdles—low vision, rapid eye movement, highly sensitive skin, and depth perception issues. Add to this equation the psychological challenges of looking so markedly different, and you have a complicated existence. In China, for example, the disorder is considered bad luck, leaving people with albinism ostracized and excluded from mainstream society. There’s no schooling, no job prospects, and rarely marriage or family. It’s a lonely, isolated way of life, to say the least. Here, six stories open the door to the trials, tribulations and sometimes joys of their determination to lead a normal life.

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