UK-based visionary helping restore sight of nation’s poor

China Daily

4th March 2017

UK-based visionary helping restore sight of nation’s poor


As a leading eye doctor and founder of a surgical charity that has restored the sight of thousands of Chinese people living in rural areas, Sanny Yuzhen Jiang’s work is far from “minor”.

But her considerable skills are matched by her admirable modesty.

“Compared with people who work for NGOs their whole life and travel to difficult regions of the world, my contribution is minor,” she says. “I have been so privileged to get the education I have and access to resources which aren’t available to many Chinese doctors.”

Jiang, who last year won a Mulan Women Achievement Award given to notable Chinese women living in the UK and Europe, is only 39-years-old but has packed a great deal into her life so far.

Educated in China, the US, Singapore and the UK — which she has made her home — Jiang is a clinical ophthalmologist at London’s world famous Moorfields Eye Hospital.

She has now embarked on a new venture called MedEther, which is connecting Chinese eye doctors with senior medical professionals in the UK to provide virtual consultation services, visiting programs and medical research projects.

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